Cold STEP™

Cold STEPproducts are used in clinics, hospitals, sports facilities and at home.


Arthro Knee WrapCold STEP™Knee Wraps are multi-purpose packs with removable ice inserts, available in two sizes: standard and large. These wraps provide excellent cryotherapy as well as support and compression. Without the ice insert, the wrap can function as a compression dressing that holds surgical dressings in place.  The frozen inserts may be replaced without removing the wrap from the patient, allowing ease of replacement and continual cryotherapy.

Uses include: sprains, edema, arthroscopy, ligament repair and knee replacement.

Product Name: Knee Wrap
Product Number: 71253 (Standard); 71254 (Large)
$45.00 (Standard); $47.00 (Large)



CPM WrapThe Cold STEP™ CPM Wrap is designed for rehabilitation therapy (i.e. stationary bikes) and CPM (continuous passive motion) machines.

Uses include: surgical procedures:  knee replacement, arthroscopy, ligament repair.

Product Name: CPM Knee Wrap
Product Number: 71252


Shoulder WrapCold STEP™ Shoulder Wrap comes with a detachable securing strap which can be adjusted to fit each patient comfortably. Once the final adjustment is made, the strap remains securely in place. Removable ice inserts allow for continual ice therapy and may be exchanged without removing the wrap from the patient.

Uses include: shoulder arthoplasty, rotator cuff repairs, strains, bursitis, arthritis, dislocations, abrasions or contusions, sports related ice therapy.

Product Name: Shoulder Wrap
Product Number: 71258